Teeth Whitening

It is a procedure applied in the clinic by specialist doctors and takes about 45-50 minutes. The process is performed by applying the whitening material (hydrogen peroxide) produced only for the use of dentists to the tooth surfaces by activating it with a beam laser.

It is possible to obtain a whitening result by opening 2-5 colour tones in the bleaching process performed in the clinics. The second session can be applied only once if desired.

Performing the bleaching process in our clinic (office type) allows the application to be performed without damaging the gums and other surrounding tissues. Again, it is taken under control that it causes sensitivity in teeth temporarily, It does not damage tooth tissue, if it is applied in certain indications. Bleaching under the control of a dentist has no harm to the teeth.

What are the reasons for tooth discoloration?

  • A lifetime biological discoloured tooth
  • Discoloration after amalgam filling
  • Use of antibiotics during infancy
  • Use of antibiotics during pregnancy
  • Discoloration due to root canal treatment
  • Staining of the tooth surface due to the use of coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, and mouthwash for a long time
  • Discoloration could be a sign to a dead tooth due to a dead nerve tissue as a result of trauma or injury.