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Most Frequently Asked Questions For Dental Aesthetics

There are multiple reasons for teeth discoloration. Age-related, consumption of foods drinks that stain teeth (coffee, tea, coke, cigarette, etc.), traumas, crowns, and old dental fillings. In addition, antibiotics (tetracycline) or excessive fluoride consumption used by pregnant mothers or young children may also cause discoloration in the teeth.
Tooth whitening can be applied to almost everyone, but there are some situations where the treatment is not effective. This is decided by your dentist's oral control. If there is no problem and you are satisfied with the structure of your teeth other than the colour, tooth whitening can be an ideal treatment for you.
No, totally the opposite, thanks to the improvements in oral and dental health, it allows you to have a painless white smile in a very short time.
Sure! As long as the teeth whitening process is performed under the control of the dentist, it is an extremely effective and safe form of treatment. Teeth and gums are not damaged during treatment.
Teeth whitening shows results in 2 sessions of 15 minutes.
Teeth will always be whiter than before. However, the habits of the individuals and their lack of attention to oral care can cause the teeth to become coloured again. For this, reinforcement therapy may be required 1-2 times every 2 years.