Non-Surgical Face Lift

One of the biggest problems for middle-aged people is the sagging of the face due to gravity and aging. Until recently, this problem, which could only be eliminated by facelift surgery, is nowadays available with alternative non-surgical treatment methods. Thread lift and focused ultrasound applications are among the non-surgical methods that do not affect the life of the person during or after the procedure.

Non-surgical Thread lifting

A non-surgical thread lift is a minimally invasive treatment usually done with local anaesthesia or oral sedatives, using specially designed silicone threads and flexible needles, is a revolutionary new technique in non-surgical face lifting. It takes approximately 45 minutes and does not require stitches since it is directly inserted under the skin. Whatever your age or gender, this lifting procedure is effective for both mild and severe cases. The mild pain that can be felt after the procedure can be easily relieved with painkillers. The patient can return to their normal life after the procedure. While old non-surgical facelift techniques can be effective for about 1.5 years; The “Thread Lift” method can be effective for 4-6 years, without changing your features or facial expression.


Thermage uses radiofrequency energy. It can be used on the face and eyes, targeting ageing trouble spots such as the forehead, eyelids, jowls and jawline, as well as on the body, focusing on stomach, arms and even the knees for sagging and wrinkled skin. Suitable for men and women aged 30-60. Its most important feature is that it provides non-surgical tightening and contouring the skin in one session.