Obesity Surgery

Overcome obesity with obesity surgery! Weight does not just cause physical problems. Many people around the world die from obesity-related comorbidities. Obesity is not your destiny; you can overcome obesity with us!

Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon is a weight loss treatment preferred by many people who are on the border of obesity but want to lose weight without undergo surgery.

Gastric Balloon: It is the process of reducing the volume of the stomach by placing a silicone balloon through the mouth down to the stomach. Thanks to the gastric balloon, you will feel full with less amount of food, so the ideal weight can be reached much more easily.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

It provides a balanced and satisfactory weight loss, by reducing approximately 85-90% of the levels of Ghrelin hormone (Hunger hormone), and about 80 percent of the outer curved part of your stomach is cut away and removed, providing satiety despite very little food consumption in the postoperative period. The fact that it is not necessary to use vitamins and minerals for a lifetime after the surgery, and the chance of reaching the ideal weight is extremely high makes this procedure more appealing than the other treatments.

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions For Bariatric Surgery

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is above 35 and you have at least one or two diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, osteoarthritis (rheumatism), sleep apnoea syndrome, fatty liver, etc. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is directly above 40, and your age is between 18 and 65 and there is no obstacle to undergo general anaesthesia, then you are eligible for this operation.
During the time you apply to us for the operation, a meeting is organized with your doctor. Then the laboratory phase starts and the necessary blood tests are done. After abdominal ultrasound, chest x-ray and ECG exams, our internal medicine, cardiology and pulmonology doctors will check your exams. The last thing, your endoscopy will be done and you will be evaluated in the presence of our doctor.
The appointments of all your medical examinations are organized by our team, as determined, we start in the morning hours, it is done in an estimated 3-hour process.
At least 6- 8 hours of fasting is required for blood, medical examination and endoscopy.
After the patient reaches his ideal weight, the weight loss process slows down and stops.
After the operation, you start to lose 10% to 20% of your current weight on average within the first 3 months, depending on your observance with a special diet. In the following months, you will lose 30% to 35% of weight in the next 6 months and 40% in the first year.
If there is no problem after our checks, you can return to work after 1 week.
There is no need for intensive care follow-up, except for high-risk patients.
You should share your medical history with us, even the operations you have had long time ago, the doctor's having all the information about the patient's medical history in order to have a safe and healthy outcome during the operation process. Previous surgeries such as (appendicitis, caesarean, closed operations, operations outside the abdominal area, etc.) are not hindrance for this operation.
Yes of course. During postoperative care, in order to have your routine check-ups after you leave the hospital and go back home to rest; our doctor, dietician, coordinator and secretary will be in contact with you.