Stomach Stretching

This procedure, which is applied endoscopically into the stomach, prevents the contraction of the stomach muscles thus slow emptying of the stomach. This way, the feeling of fullness lasts longer, the patient loses weight more smoothly and faster. In addition, this method, which is applied by the endoscopic method into the stomach, prevents the release of hunger hormone normally released from the stomach and creates a feeling of fullness with a double effect. In other words, it both prevents stomach contraction and reduces the release of hunger hormone, creating a serious feeling of fullness in the stomach.

Stomach Stretching: Who is it for?

This procedure can be applied to anyone who wants to get results easily. It is even beneficial for those who have had obesity surgery before and have had negative results again. It can be applied to anyone except to those who have severe gastritis or ulcers in the stomach and those who have a disease that prevents endoscopy.

How Is Stomach Stretching Applied?

This procedure is the easiest to apply compared to other treatments, people can return to their normal life the fastest, and the most economical procedure among surgical treatments. After it is applied to the stomach, its effect lasts about 4-6 months. It is expected that the patients get good results during this period. It is applied endoscopically into the stomach; it takes about 15-20 minutes. Our patients can return to their normal lives approximately 4 hours after the procedure.