Cosmetic Genital Surgery

The small lips (labia minora) that are part of the external genital organ are genetically larger and longer in some people. It’s also called as inner lip sagging. It is even more disturbing, especially for those who are thin. Lips that are noticed from tight trousers and swimsuits, also affect the clothing options of the person.

Recovery Process After Genital Area Surgery

Most patients take 1 week off work after the procedure. In this process, the patient can reduce swelling and pain with ice packs squeezed between underwear and an elastic garment such as a corset. You need to apply ice packs by following a cycle of 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. The patient can also lie down with the lower body elevated to reduce swelling. The patient can return to using tampons and sexual intercourse 4-6 weeks after the operation. Swelling occurs in the genital area after surgery. Most of the swelling goes away within 6 weeks. However, some swelling may remain for 6 months.