Mommy Makeover (Plastic Surgery after Pregnancy)

Mommy Makeover combines a number of plastic surgery procedures into a single effort in which the deformations occurring in the mothers’ bodies after pregnancy are minimized.

The “mommy makeover”, which has become a trend recently, is an opportunity for mothers to regain the bodies they used to have after having children.

Pregnancy and motherhood are one of the most important turning points in a woman’s life. In this sense, while the pregnancy process creates many changes in the body, it also causes some deformations. This causes many women to be dissatisfied with their bodies as they used to be.

It is extremely easy to eliminate the dissatisfaction caused by the physical appearance of a woman after pregnancy with a practical solution with the ”Mommy Makeover” technique.

How Long Does Mommy Makeover Recovery Take?

An important point to be considered for those who want to have a mommy makeover is that they must not smoke in the 2-week period before and after the surgery. Because smoking negatively affects the healing process after mommy makeover surgery. It is important to take these into account so that people can get results of their expectations.

Generally speaking, although it takes approximately 3 months to recover completely after surgery, it is safe for many patients to do activities as long as it does not include weight lifting or any intense workout, and to do office work during 4-6 weeks. It is aimed to accelerate the recovery process with some restrictions such as avoiding heavy sports.

In addition, you should start a healthy lifestyle within a diet program, you should follow a protein, vegetable and grain-based diet. Paying attention to these processes accelerates the healing process as well as preserving the new body image gained after the surgery. In addition, a moderate exercise program for 7-10 hours a week is among the things that the body needs after Mommy Makeover and will affect you for a healthier lifestyle.