Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Breast cosmetic surgeries are aesthetic interventions made for the person to achieve their ideal breast form. Breast cosmetic surgeries; It includes all interventions performed due to a small, large, disproportionate or a saggy breast due to structural or genetic factors.

Cosmetic concerns are not reasons to be underestimated. Cosmetic interventions can be performed due to a general structural defect or due to the cosmetic concerns of the person.

Breast Cosmetic Surgery: What Do You Need to Know

It is known by many names, including breast implants and augmentation mammoplasty. All of this refers to the surgical procedure in which saline or silicone implants are used to increase breast volume in women who want to improve their appearance, balance their body, or restore the breast volume that was lost due to breastfeeding.

How is Breast Cosmetic Surgery Done?

The surgery is done under general anaesthesia. It takes about 3 hours on average. Various techniques can be used in breast reduction surgery. Usually, the incision lines are in the form of a line that extends vertically around the nipple and downwards (lollipop pattern), while in some patients, a horizontal incision line can be added under the breast (in the shape of an inverted T or anchor pattern) depending on the shape and size of the breast.