Breast Lift

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Especially after giving birth, the breasts become larger due to breastfeeding but after this period the size of the breast returns to its size, and in some cases, cosmetically distorted. Reduction in the breast size causes loss in the elasticity of the skin and the nipples drop down. In some cases, this problem occurs due to abnormal weight loss. This condition could be fixed by mastopexy, using the patient’s own tissue. Without extracting any tissue, only the excess part of the drooped skin is removed.

Breast Lifting Post Surgery

The next day of the surgery, we replace the bandage. The patient must wear a special soft bra that covers the breast. This special bra is used for 2 weeks while it minimizes swelling and pain, it also serves as an external device to help support the implant for a month after the surgery in a position in which it is placed preventing its displacement or movement into the wrong position. Stitches are removed within 10-15 days. The patient can start getting out of bed on the same day and will be able to do her daily activities within 2 -3 days. Pain can last for 1 -2 days after the surgery. You may take painkillers. Since the scars will stay pink coloured for the next couple months it will not be noticed. The colour of the scars will gradually fade in about 6 months to one year. The patient can get back to work within one week.

Is There a Pain After the Surgery?

Breast Lift is not different from the other surgeries. Pain may last for a couple days but this pain could be alleviated with the help of painkillers. You may experience mild burning sensation, stinging pain, or tingling in the breast for 6-12 months. But you will not experience severe pain.