Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction, is the surgical correction of overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men. Gynecomastia is treated surgically. There is no alternative treatment such as drugs. Gynecomastia surgery is performed by certified plastic surgeons with experience in this field.

Does the Problem Recur After?

Once the firm breast tissue is removed, generally it does not return. However, there are other factors that can lead to its recurrence such as taking heavy hormone drugs used in sex change. Apart from this, since the firm breast tissue is removed, you will be completely free from gynecomastia problem.

When Can I Return to Work?

If you have an office-based job, you can return to work even the day after surgery. However, we would like you to spend the first 3 days after the operation resting. After the first 3 days, the healing process is usually much easier. In the early recovery period, the wound closes, if any there are any bruises or mild pain it disappears in a week. After the first 7-10 days, it may take 3-6 months for the swelling to disappear completely, the skin to fully recover, the scars to fade away and the improvement in the loss of sensation in the chest.