Ear Surgery

Prominent ear is a common problem all over the world. Basically, it does not have an effect on the general functioning of the body, therefore it is not fully described as a disease it is more of a cosmetical problem that is frequently subject to treat in plastic surgery clinics because it disturbs individuals cosmetically. The medical treatments have evolved, and the ease of plastic surgeries have developed in the past years, for that, prominent ear problem can be easily treated using modern and simple techniques. It is beneficial to correct the prominent ear problem, which causes psychological problems such as lack of self-confidence and decreased self-esteem in people due to cosmetic problems, in order for the individual to live a better social life.

Causes of Prominent Ear

Prominent ear ears, which is a completely congenital problem, occurs due to genetic factors. For this reason, the possibility of this problem is quite high in people with prominent ear problems in their family, especially in their mother or father. Problems that have passed down from parents and caused prominent earsare:

  • When the angle between the bone behind the ear and the auricle is too wide
  • Having a loose structure of the ear cartilages
  • When the folds in the upper part of the ear did not form and the auricle has a flat structure as if ironed.

In recent years, although the relation of the looseness of the ear muscles with the levels of oestrogen hormone in the blood has been researched, no definite and concrete evidence has been reached yet.

What Problems Can Prominent Ear Cause?

Prominent ears, which causes psychological problems in many individuals, especially children at school. People with this problem tend to cover their ears by using various accessories or lengthening their hair. People who are uncomfortable with prominent ears can obsessions up to a complex.

The problems caused by the prominent ear also differ regionally. In some societies in the Far Eastern culture, the prominent ear is considered as a cute appearance, especially in women. However, especially in western societies, where our country can be included, people who have this problem since childhood are ridiculed by their surroundings, and due to this situation, people may have depression and low self-esteem problems. For this reason, prominent ear problem should be fixed with plastic surgery as early as possible in order not to cause such social or psychological problems for people.